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Posted by Ronna Trapanese on October 30, 2014 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Recently I was doing a reading for a lady, let's call her "Sady", who wanted to talk to her departed father. I had trouble at first, and after a bit, I told her that all I was getting was a black and white television screen of a garden that changed to color and a man grabbing his stomach and bending over laughing.

This repeated several times, again with much laughter. I was confused by the message and Sady sat there smiling and nodding. I asked spirit for more clarification. It was presenting to me like in The Wizard of OZ when it changes from black and white to color and I described this to her. Sady began to cry and finally told me that her father had been a doctor and they had the first color tv on the block.  One night, as their parents got ready to go out to eat, Sady and her sisters were watching The Wizard of Oz on that color tv, but it was the black and white part of the movie.  Their father happened to glance over and then ran to the tv - thinking his expensive color tv was broken.  The girls were busting a gut laughing as they had to actually show him in the TV guide that it was part of the movie and the tv was fine. They teased him for years about this scene and that was Sady's validation.

He sent her a message that only she would understand and it gave her peace of mind. Just the image of her father throwing off his coat, rolling up his sleeves and fiddling around for several minutes with all the dials on the new tv while the girls laughed really made me smile.  When loved ones want to communicate they definitely know how...we only need to be open to the messages.

Happy NEWS

Posted by Ronna Trapanese on March 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I am HAPPY :) to announce that I will be doing readings and Spirit Guide paintings at MIMOSA BOOKSTORE starting in April most Sundays and Mondays in the afternoon. Please call 256-5432 for an appointment. MIMOSA BOOKSTORE 260 West Gilman St. Madison WI. 53703.



Private party option still going strong. 5 to 7 people get a 1/2 hour reading with painting of Spirit Guide for 45.00. It must be within 50 mile radius of Madison. For this you need to email me and we can get you set up for a weeknight or Saturday. Fun and empowering all at the same time.

Oh yeah, and don't forget,

The guides can't help, unless you ask!

Blessings my friend,


Ronna Trapanese

Psychic Faire

Posted by Ronna Trapanese on October 26, 2012 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)


Posted by Ronna Trapanese on September 20, 2012 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Dream time last night was interesting. My guides handed me a baton to run with that at first was a bit unsettling. They told me to start painting the ascended masters. We are talking about Saint Francis, Buddha, Saint Germain Etc.

Yikes, usually my guided watercolors take ten minutes. My ego voice ( whiney ) did not think that would do the masters justice. Taking a mental white light bath along with a clearing breath allows me to get back to center, quieting ego and allowing Spirit to flow. I need to trust, and let my spiritual muscles to stretch out of my comfort zone. What is Spirit asking you to do? Take a minute to ask, TRUST.


Posted by Ronna Trapanese on August 17, 2012 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

My journey as a Medium

My life as an intuitive started quite early. I remember being about 7 years old when I had my first out of body experience and contact with my guides was a daily experience. Growing up as a sensitive was not an easy one as there was many times where I felt like the square peg. However, my spiritual life was so rich and I was lucky to have a family who were open minded. It also helped that I read many books to support the things I was going through. Edgar Cayce's "The Sleeping Prophet" was my favorite book when I was 13. Somehow I knew early on that contact with my spirit guides, and helping others to connect with their guides, would be a large part of my life.

When I was little, I was fascinated at how I could feel pain coming off people’s bodies. Many times it was a color I could see, or hot or cold spots where their bodies were trying to heal. I could run my hand over people’s spines and I could feel where it needed healing. I really thought everyone could do this as it ran in our family. It was not until I was much older that I followed that gift, at others urgings, and went to massage school.

At 19 I started a journal entry one day only to find my hand taking off into another direction and writing on its own. I knew enough to ground myself, say a prayer and continue. This is called automatic writing and my guide Tornondo starting communicating to me in this way. He is a very strong spirit and "spoke" first in my head at the same time the words appeared on paper. He is still with me today and I laugh sometimes at the messages that come through from him. However, I did not have a person in my life to talk to about this gift, so I did not understand it and stopped using it. Even though the messages that came through were loving messages of hope and helping assistance, I did not want to continue with this until I understood it better.

In my 30’s I became obsessed with anything about Angels, and that relationship continues to be a HUGE part of my life.

Michael the Arch Angel began giving me messages when I sat at the computer. I would let myself relax, pray a short message of protection and then the words just flew out of me onto the keyboard - typing so fast. The messages were inspirational, loving and kind and I began doing readings for friends and family. At that time, I stayed home with my beautiful two boys and did child care in my home. When the house was finally quiet, I was able to connect on a deep level with my guides and Angels. I had an art business as well. I would paint a face over and over, Santa images on everything that did not move - chairs, sleds, wooden cheese boxes and Christmas decorations, and they sold like hot cakes! It was not until years later that I would understand that the face was one of my guides. The image I did over and over was a kind and super loving spirit who kept me safe and protected me. I was told by another psychic that people buy art from me because it helps them as well, however, due to a lack of self esteem and a troubled marriage I could not hear the words of praise that I received.

My 40’s were a bit more empowered, sprinkled in with the crazy times there were some very bright moments. I went to massage school and started my own massage therapy studio. Most of the massages involved readings. Again, this is what guides instructed me to do, and so I would listen. I started having dreams that came true, tornados would happen two to three days after I dreamt them. A waking nightmare happened in March before the World Trade Center disaster. I had a panic attack while shopping with girl friends at the World Trade Center. I could not breathe, my heart started pounding, I heard screaming and felt such horrible panic that I jumped into a taxi with a friend and it was not until I was 12 blocks away that I could catch my breath. I told my friend Ann to never mention it again, I was not sure what happened to me but I did not want to discuss the fact that knew something horrendous was going to happen. My friend called me the morning of Sept. 11 and she said "I know you said never to talk about that day in New York when you melted down, but turn on the tv, because I think I know what was going on with you. It was a premonition."

We all know what a devastating day that was and for a while I even asked God to turn off my gifts because it was too much, however, when I turn my abilities off, I am lost and things get harder for me. It is like someone takes away my ability to live, and to function normally is nearly impossible. I get depressed and isolate myself, which is not my real personality; I am usually an outgoing and extroverted person.

The way I explain it now, now that I am older and a better informed light worker. I search out like minded people, read and study as much as I can get my hands on, join groups, meditate, chant, drum and pray, and visit sacred sites. I explain it all like this: my parachute has gotten too big to put away, and there is no container that can hold it, it is bigger than I am. Spirit has led me to a path of sharing this gift and I have no other choice. I know I have been given gifts by Spirit and they need to be used. We all have gifts, and we need to learn to listen to our guides, they can’t help unless we ask. I have been called to a hospital to help a friend give birth when I did not even know she was in the hospital, I just heard the call in my head. My guides tell me to slow down as there is a deer in the road, and many other times where I have been saved by listening. There are so many stories that I can’t keep up with them all.

My trips to Brazil to see the healer John of God presented a new gift to me, I am able to do a hand painted watercolors of peoples spirit guides, and that is a story all of itself for future blogs.

My mission is to help others to find their gifts and to embrace who they are. I am a strong woman, who has had some hard times and because of those hard times I have achieved a sense of empathy that I would not want to change, and I would do it all over again. No, it is not easy to be sensitive, but bring it on! I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, based on the fact that I am following all my dreams.

Let me help you with yours.

Love and Light,

Ronna Trapanese - The Artful Medium


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