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House Party..

You can have a house party of up to 7 people (no less than 5) in a 50 mile radius of Madison, Wisconsin area during a work week night or Saturday. It takes approximately three hours.

The cost is $35.00 per person for a ½ hour reading, which includes a meditation.  For an additional $10.00 you will leave with a spectacular painting of your spirit guide that will provide you with a lasting memory of your experience.  You have guests bring a snack, you provide a beverage and it becomes a really fun and insightful party. The readings are conducted in a group setting, we learn a lot from the whole group and it is a laid back and empowering experience.  


One on One

One on one reading is priced at $35 for a half an hour/ 45.00 for 1/2 hour with a spirit guide painting/ 

One Hour reading only 65.00/ One hour reading with a spirit guide painting 75.00




Prices are based on a per event basis determined in advance by consultation.


I will be doing readings on some Sundays and Mondays in the afternoons at Mimosa

 260 West Gilman Street (off of State Street)

Phone (608)256-5432

call them for appointment to make sure I am there.



Massage Therapy 

By appointment only. Licensed massage therapist since 1997 

Location: 101 Kingslynn Road Stoughton, WI 53589 PH: 608-332-0330

$65 for an hour/ $35 for a ½ hour

Website: Artful Touch Massage


"Ronna was able to just "know" what was going on in my life without me saying anything.  She completely got what I was needing from my guide and provide me with real guidance I was missing"     

 - Sandy S.

"When Ronna painted my spirit guide, it validated a feeling I have had all along.  This prompted me to communicate with my spirit guide on a more intimate level.  I know what she symbolizes to me and what direction my own healing profession needs to go in."
- Pandora S. LMT

Sand Mandala created at a women's retreat Spring 2012.

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